“A Sparging Success?”

This post dedicated to “Liddy”.    Liddy was a good lid, but like all pieces of plastic he was doomed to crack.

The primary was super bubbly this brew and the lid had a constant bulge all week.  No spillage, but that and the  the 7+ brews before were too much for the plain white lid from East Vancouver.

It seems like it’s turning out well, which is good because the last 2 batches were, well, misses.  This Brown is the first batch with the new sparge process (read proper).  Turns our first few all-grain  batches were too short in the sparge.  Thanks to the helpful guy at our Homebrew Shop  who educated me to the fact that we should be taking at least an hour to sparge.

parging is the process of getting the sugars out of the raw milled grains.  We did ours at 72 degrees Farenheit.  if you store your grains in your fridge, make sure to compensate for that using hotter water.   We keep our grains covered with water with a bit extra to leave room for expansion as the waters is absorbed.
We use single step infusion because it is easier, recirculating the water through the sparge bucket 3 times over the course of the hour.

This was supposed to be a NUT brown.  But I forgot the nuts…

The belly of the beast. Yum.

It took me almost an hour to rack this beer.   I’m a little out of practice (took August off due to warm weather), but about 20 minutes in, I realized this was taking too long.  I thought maybe the syphon was clogged with yeast.  So I cleaned it and resumed.  Again it was taking too long, so I cleaned it again , and again, until I realized it was actually the pinch point being too pinched, just from repeated use.  So key learning?  move your pinch once in a while.

Yeah I tasted that. And it was good. Creamy, malty and would have been good to try oaked.

In addition to the loss of Liddy, I had to throw out an airlock because it had black mold. Usually, I use vodka in the airlock but this time I was lazy and used water.  Vodka really is the better choice and i won’t be making that mistake again..  Rather than trying to properly kill the mold and risk future batches, I threw out the $2 bung. I didn’t even save the rubber stopper.  better safe than sorry. 

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