Bottle The Brown -New Adventure Oct. 2

Bottle of the Brown!

Still no name as yet but for now I’m calling it “no nut brown”.  We bottling the latest brew and it smells (and tastes) promising.

Minimal collateral loss when bottling.  The trub (sediment) was high but we got 12x1l potstoppers and 6x650ml bombers.  Course that’s being split 3 ways so it won’t last long.

We threw out a few bombers due to mold in the bottle.   Its time for a new bottle brush and I took the lazy way out and recyled the bottles rather than try to wash the mold out.

It was a fairly easy bottling session.  We used a full cup of light brown sugar for priming that I think will go well.  Saw activity right away so I know we are going to see nice carbonation.

Og: 1.050
Fg: 1.009
64% efficiency
This was supposed to have 1lb maple syrup orginally but went basic instead. 

Next?  Belgian pumpkin ale?  We will see….

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