Retro Review -Molson Golden Ale circa 1955

Found this in my emails.

It’s an ad from 1955 for Molson Golden Ale, featuring “Goldie the friendly lion”.

I immediately went to Wikipedia and they let me down.  Google too has failed me, but I did find another ad in the series.

"Victory isn't always to the Strong"

Click on the picture for the original file.  I’m not going to type out the whole ad, but if you zoom you can read it all.  I have no idea what kind of slogan “Victory Isn’t Always to the Strong” is.  “Beer, it’s not just for winners anymore”?   And the idea of a friendly lion for a mascot 56 years later seems preposterous.  Well maybe not.   But it does harken to a simpler time,a nd I suppose this ad is a depiction of a good time in the conservative 50’s.  Bowling while your friend’s girl does pirouettes from the sidelines.  There’s no actual depictions of beer so I’m guessing it wasn’t allowed.  Or they were trying to be “classy”. 
But now check out this:
Why why why why?  Why is Goldie snuggling the dude on the couch?   Clearly I get the set-up.  they’re at a ski lodge, getting cozy and enjoying a beer.  Classic Canadian advertising, and you’ll see it on TV every Winter.  But to me, being friendly would be buying the beer, not getting cozy.   But I guess Goldie is cute and fluffy and non-sexual.
Both ads are obviously aimed at insecure barely legal consumers.  And that hasn’t changed, that’s always been the focus demographic of the major beer labels.  Showing kids having a good time and showing that you NEED their product to fit in and be popular.   I find the royal lion insignia the most interesting as I have no idea where it comes from.   If anyone knows please enlighten me.

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