CAMRA Vancouver Starts Fess Up to Serving Sizes (FUSS) Campaign

CAMRA Vancouver is starting a two stage approach to encouraging vendors to list what customers pay by volume for their beer.

This week CAMRA Vancouver is launching its “Fess Up to Serving Sizes” (FUSS) Campaign which will address issues related to draft beer serving sizes. This campaign is focused on licensees declaring exactly what size of glass they are serving beer in, ensuring they deliver on the promise of this serving size, and then follow through by providing the full measure of beer advertised. It is not a campaign centered on advocating for licensees to serve pints over sleeves. It is a campaign that addresses both education and advocacy. We have high hopes support will spread beyond the craft beer community and to the general draft beer consuming public.

One of the legal obligations of a licensee in BC is that they must provide customers, upon request, a complete serving size/price list for every alcoholic beverage they offer. This list is not optional, as per the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) which states, in their Guide for Licensees in British Columbia, that, “you (licensee) must have a list available showing the types of liquor available, the size of each drink you sell and its price. Your price list should also include any drink specials you are currently offering. You (licensee) may post the price list as a printed list or on a board, or it can be available at all tables. At a minimum, it must be available to customers on request.”

The FUSS Campaign is focusing on persuading licensees to comply with this law so serving sizes are properly identified for the consumer, eliminating the misrepresentation of serving sizes, whether this misrepresentation is intentional or not. It is a fact that the majority of licensees do not comply with this law and the LCLB do not enforce this law, leaving the consumer at a disadvantage by not knowing what they are in fact ordering and paying for in advance. This is a basic consumer right.


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