Phillips Drops A Hammer

Phillips Brewing released two versions of their Imperial Stout: regular and bourbon barrel aged.


(January 30th, 2012—Victoria B.C.)
Attention beer-drinking Comrades:  The Ministry of Beer Quaffability has decreed that the Hammer Imperial Stout will once again be smashing its way back into your local liquor store!
The Party is releasing two variants of the Hammer—the traditional recipe, full of bold roasted flavours and creamy textures, and a bourbon barrel-aged version, somewhat mellower and highlighted with smooth oak and lingering smoke flavours.
Citizens are recommended to grab their Hammer quickly before rations are exhausted.  The Party also notes that should the unthinkable occur, this beer will cellar well in fall-out shelters.
Both varieties of the Hammer Imperial Stout are available at finer private liquor stores.

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