Tree Releases Hop Head Black IPA

Apparently I was sleeping when this one was announced:

from Tree Brewing

Tree Hop Head Black IPA

Kelowna  February 14, 2012

“The Hop Head IPA family is growing,” says Tree Brewing President, Tod Melnyk. “We have an award-winning brew in Hop Head IPA, and we introduced its hoppier companion Hop Head Double IPA four years ago to great accolades. So our Brewmaster Stefan Buhl decided it was time to go darker and really step up the malt flavours for Hop Head Black IPA. We’re thrilled with how it turned out, and are sure our Hop Head fans will be too.”
The brew is a dark brown/black colour, and delivers an aroma of roasted malt tones. With five different varieties of superior hops and six malts, the new Hop Head Black IPA (8.8 ABV) recipe brings out a malt forward taste with a lingering hop bitterness. 
Hop Head Black IPA is a limited release, and is now available in 650mL bottles at select stores throughout British Columbia for $7.95 

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