Tree Hophead Black IPA Review

By Fiddler’s Elbow

New this week, Tree Brewing has released another variation of their award winning Hop Head IPA. There have been a few variations including a second award winning Double IPA and a lesser known Red Ale. This year we see a less common style,  Black IPA – usually high alcohol with toasty dark malt characteristics and a strong hoppy presence. Will the Black IPA live up to the proud line of award winning Hop Head beers?

 Fiddler – Just want to thank v1rgilmdm for grabbing a couple of bottles and sharing.

            The Hop Head Black IPA comes in a 650ML bottle, and coming in at 8.8%, it is not a light weight. It Pours a dark black colour with a red tint when held near the light and a big bubbly beige head that leaves a light lacing around the glass. At first the strong hop aroma’s stand out: citrus, orange and as it warms up a chocolate-light espresso becomes more present. Flavour has a nice citrus hoppy spice and bitterness similar to other variations of the Hop Head beers, but also has a strong sweet roasted chocolate malt mixed in. As it warms up the roasted malt really start to come forward and the hoppy spice mellows down but still has a strong bitterness in the finish. Overall excellent mix of hoppy and malty and would be a good starting point for anybody who hasn’t had a black IPA before.    

Hop Head IPA

SILVER medalist – 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards

BRONZE medalist – 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards

Hop Head Double IPA

Gold Medalist – 2009 Canadian Brewing Awards

Gold Medalist – 2011 Vancouver Craft Beer Week Awards

Bronze Medalist – 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards

Hop Head 45 Red

Bronze Medalist – 2010 Vancouver Craft Beer Week Awards

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