We Review Hoyne Pilsner and Big Bock!


Recently, there are so many new breweries opening in BC that it’s becoming hard to keep track of them all. During this week’s beer run to our local store , we found that Hoyne Brewery had released 4 new beers( The Big Bock, Down Easy Pale Ale, Devil’s Dream IPA, Hoyne Pilsner). Hoyne’s is located in Victoria, and their Brew Master, Sean Hoyne, has an impressive resume, including previous experience brewing for Swan’s Hotel & Brewpub and founding Canoe Brewpub. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, our local store was already sold out of the Devil’s Dream IPA. (Note: If you want to prove that you make a good beer, a hoppy IPA is a very popular style in BC which most of the beer connoisseurs will flock to.) So, V1rgilmdm and I were left to pick from the remaining 3 beers. We decided to each pick different styles—V1rgil took The Big Bock and I took the Hoyne Pilsner. Both stood out as uncommon launch beers. 

The first thing we noticed was the commercial descriptions for these brews. They are a little…poetic—and seeing as Brewmaster Sean Hoyne’s background is Literature (M.A. from UVic), this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Craft brewing is the marriage of scientific technique and artistic passion, and this is evident in Hoyne’s approach to brewing.

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