Dead Frog Brewery to be on the CBC

Dead Frog Brewery has been selected to appear on episode 3 of The Big Decision, which is a Dragon’s Den-like show for Canadian businesses.

In a recent article by the Aldergrove Star, Dead Frog CEO Derick Smith said:

“We’ve got an innovative brand and brews that are premium quality but we struggle to find the resources to compete with the big boys.”

What is interesting to note is that Jim Treliving, one of the investors, co-owns Boston Pizza.  With Moxies recently turning to local craft beer, could Boston Pizza do the same?  If you’ve been to Boston Pizza recently you know that their beer menu leaves a lot to be desired.

If Dead Frog could get into a partnership with BP it would certainly mean big things for them.  Regardless of speculation however, the exposure from the TV episode alone should give Dead Frog a significant bump in sales.

One response to “Dead Frog Brewery to be on the CBC

  1. With a name like Dead Frog, that’s got to be one amazing brewery! I hope that they get the word out on TV and run with the big dogs! Enjoy.


    David Ivey Inbox Magazine Editor

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