Fernie Brewing Co. to Release Lone Wolf IPA

Fernie Brewing Co. has announced they are launching an India Pale Ale for beer geeks.  Lone Wolf boasts 6.5% alcohol by volume, 4 types of hops and will be released in 650ml bottles.

We look forward to entering it into the 8 Bit B.C. IPA Taste-off Tournament.

Fernie B.C.  March 21, 2012

As FBC’s Brewmaster describes, “FBC is introducing a classic North West India Pale Ale. Four select malts in combination with four classic hop varieties and time honoured traditional brewery methods including dry hopping, results in a golden-ale with exceptional flavour and complexity. A true IPA in every sense.” It couldn’t get much better than that.
After being inundated on a regular basis for an IPA by many a beer connoisseur, FBC felt it was about time to step up to the task and join the strong, popular and distinctive IPA market. It’s a popular and ever-growing market that’s for sure, but this hoppy and flavoursome 6.5% IPA is ready to rock and roll its way into the BC and Alberta market over coming weeks. The first brew was bottled this morning and is ready to hop, skip and a jump out the door.

2 responses to “Fernie Brewing Co. to Release Lone Wolf IPA

  1. We had a bottle of Lone Wolf IPA at supper. No need to be very analytical about it: it’s simply a great IPA. Lots of hops!!

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