One Shot -Tree Madcap Belgian White Review

Tree Madcap Belgian White Review

By Fiddler’s Elbow

Are you are looking for a crisp refreshing light beer for the summer? Well, look no further! We have the beer for you. Tree Madcap Belgian White was released recently and has finally made it to the local stores. This lighter alcohol by volume beer, at 4.5%, comes in the standard 330 ml 6-pack etched glass bottles. The Madcap makes for an enjoyable drink on a hot summer day.

Madcap Belgian White Ale is 4.5% alc., and boasts tropical fruit aromas with a spicy finish. The unfiltered ale provides a naturally cloudy brew, so don’t forget to swirl it around a bit before pouring to fully enjoy the refreshing taste.

I first noticed some sediment that had settled at the bottom of the bottle–don’t worry–this is normal for this style of beer. The description suggests giving it a good swirl before opening, to give it the proper appearance and extra aroma. The Madcap pours a light, cloudy, pale golden colour, with fine bubbles, and has a slim white head which it retains due to plenty of carbonation.

Tree brewing definitely nailed the aroma of a traditional Belgian white, with strong clove and light banana notes and a hint of spice from the yeast. The flavour starts nicely with a crisp, grass-hop bitterness, a bit of citrus, and a light sweet fruity yeast spice in the finish. Overall, the Madcap is fairly comparable to Hoegaarden, the classic go-to Belgian white. If you are looking to support your local breweries however, the Madcap stands out as one of the better Belgian whites currently available. This will definitely be a great beer to relax on the deck and sip while embracing the sunny weather.

On a side note I would love to see the return of the Tree Weizen Bock–one of my personal favourites–and a must try should Tree brewing release it again.

2 responses to “One Shot -Tree Madcap Belgian White Review

  1. Have yet to try this one, must get around to it soon. Another one to try, just hitting the shelves is Lighthouse’s Belgian White, the yin to their Belgian Black’s yan.

  2. The madcap is pretty decent. Very comparable to hoegaarden. Didn’t get a chance to check out the Belgian black. We are hoping the Belgian White makes it to the mainland!

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