One Shot -Vancouver Island Brewing Beachcomber Review

Vancouver Island Brewing Beachcomber Summer Ale

by v1rgilmdm

Here in the Northwest, we celebrate the oh-so-short release of the sun from its wintery bondage by enjoying the limited releases of the summer style beers.

If you’ve got the sun overhead and your feet in the sand while you wander the local tide lines, you’ve most likely reached that zen-like state Islanders call Beachcombing. Here’s to one of Vancouver Island’s favourite local pastimes! Beachcomber Summer Ale is an unfiltered ale styled after a German weissbier. Pouring a glowing, golden yellow, this ale combines mellow aromatic notes of citrus and tropical fruit. These flavours combine to create a thirst quenching, clean beer perfect for those warm summer days

The Beachcomber comes in bright, sunny 6 pack cartons, that depict a relaxing beach scene. The beer pours golden and cloudy with good carbonation. The head seems to retain well. The aroma is grassy and citrusy with a hint of banana. It is my understanding that the Beachcomber was fermented at colder temperature to suppress the banana and clove flavours typical of wheat beers. My first sip is quite fizzy and tastes a little watery. There is a mild citrus fruit flavour but I am definitely missing the clove and banana flavours–to the point where I can almost taste their absence. The Beachcomber goes down easy, with a clean finish and is very drinkable.  Overall, this is a nice, light beer and perfect for sipping on the beach.

2 responses to “One Shot -Vancouver Island Brewing Beachcomber Review

  1. Just did this one myself. Reminded me of Blanche de Chambly, though not entirely as good.

  2. Blanche de Chambly is a great beer. As we get closer to Summer, more and more wheat beers will be coming out. King Heffy from Howe Sound is one of my personal favourites. -v1rgilmdm

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