Pew Pew Double Shot Quick Review -Townsite Brewing

By V1rgilmdm

I recently had some new brews from Townsite, one of B.C.’s newest breweries, located in the Federal Building in the Historic Powell River Townsite district. It was originally announced in November 2010. I must admit I had been looking forward to trying these beers ever since I read the announcement. The first brews were available in bottle in early May of this year and they were not a disappointment. Townsite currently offers 6 different ales: PowTown Porter, Tinhat IPA, Zunga Golden Ale, Suncoast Session Ale, Westview Wheat Ale and Charleston Triple Belgian Ale. A very prolific line-up for a new brewery, and a testament to Brewmaster Cedric Dauchot.

Pow Town Porter


Coffee and roasted smells on the nose, round and smooth malty mouthfeel that is enhanced with the warmth of the 5.8% alcohol and that is balanced with the bitterness coming from the dark malts.

First off the label is unique and does a great job depicting the brewery and an abstract Powell River by artist Meghan Hildebrand. I love the self-definition on the bottle:

POW TOWN n. 1. How locals refer to Powell River, a historic lumber town on BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast; 2. a porter style beer

This rich dark porter pours deep black with a large thick creamy head that dissipates slowly. The aroma is a creamy malty bouquet of light coffee and chocolate. It smells delicious. I take a moment to savour the smell. The first sip reveals a creamy sweetness, like coffee ice cream with chocolate. The palate matches the aroma and is easily one of the better porters I have had. There is a slight nuttiness present which accentuates the ice cream like flavours. The PowTown finishes sweet with a pleasant slight bitterness typical of strong chocolate or coffee.


Zunga Blonde Ale


This golden blonde ale has a light bitterness and a balanced body to create a dry, refreshing finish, with hints of European hops. It is the perfect accompaniment to a hot day up the lake. 

Here again on the label we see artist Meghan Hildebrand’s abstract version of the Townsite historic Federal building. Forefront is a rope swing being used, from which the beer’s name is based:

Zunga n. 1. a word peculiar to Powell River, BC meaning rope swing, esp. over water; 2. a delicious golden blonde ale.

The golden blonde ale pours a nice liquid gold colour. There is good carbonation present, with moderate head and good retention.  The aroma is grassy straw with a slight fruity undertone. The first sips reveal a slight bitterness that tingles on the tongue. The european hops bring out a pilsner quality of grass and straw balanced with earthy and fruity notes. This is a nice light sipping beer, refreshing when cutting the grass or playing pool. It is mild, crisp and delicious.

Here is a great article about a few new breweries in BC.

2 responses to “Pew Pew Double Shot Quick Review -Townsite Brewing

  1. What a coincidence! My wife and I will be walking the Sunshine Coast trail soon and we insisted that we end up in Powell River so we could sample this brewery’s wares. Can’t get them on the island… yet. Cheers!

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