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Check This Out! May 20, 2012

Here’s what we thought was cool since the last edition:


The Shopping List (aka New Releases):

2012 VCBW Collaboration Ale now available at

Driftwood Brewing Naughty Hildegard

Howe Sound Brewing Fourway Fruit Ale

Vancouver Island Brewing Flying Tanker White IPA

Support This (please)!

Exp Bar is the fusion of gaming culture and drinking (which is kind of what this blog is all about).

They have an Indiegogo campaign here. And on the facebook here.



We’d like to welcome Is That Beer Good to the ranks of beer blogging.

There’s a lot of good beer blogs out there and we need to update our links page.


Vancouver Craft Beer Week: May 18-26, kicks-off tonight (we wish we were there!)

Van Home Brewers Awards Monday May 21st (we will be there!)




Diablo 3 came out this week. See you all in 6 months!





 Avengers vs. X-men (again) looks very epic.




Random & Cool:

 B.C. Zombie Preparedness Week: Are you ready?

Game Of Thrones theme song played on floppy drives.

Check This Out! May 4, 2012

8 Bit Beer Blog’s Weekly Check This Out!

Starting today we are going to try to bring you a weekly Check This Out! A list of stuff we like… This week.


The Shopping List (aka New Releases):

BC Craft Beer Guild 2012 Sampler Pack

The B.C. Craft Beer Guild has released a sampler pack availabe in both 12 can and 12 bottle.





3045 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Townsite Brewing Zunga Golden Blonde Ale and Pow Town Porter

Mission Springs Jazzman Pale Ale

Lighthouse Highland Challenge

Spinnakers Titanic Stout


Coal Harbour Brewing Triumph Rye Ale

Coal Harbour Brewing now available in 650ml bottles.

Tree Madcap Belgian Ale

Tree Madcap Belgian White now available in BC Liquor stores.





Just Here For The Beer radio broadcast aired April 26, 2012 on AM650.  Available as a free podcast here.

Interesting article about Victoria’s brewing renaissance.


It’s a Marvel rumble!

Avengers vs. The X-Men, all your favorite heroes, no whiney villians.

Batman “Night of the Owls” crossover.  Looks like someone might seriously get hurt.




Home Brewing!

Home Brewing: A Practical Guide to Crafting Beer, Wine and Cider by Kevin Forbes is published by Fox Chapel Publishing, was released May 1st, 2012 and available at Chapters and Amazon.




Video Games:

New video by xStrangeLuvx and her impressions of the new C.O.D. Black Ops2 trailer.


Telltale Games The Walking Dead Episode 1 released April 26, 2012

Minecraft for Xbox 360!

May 9th Minecraft is coming out on xbox  it’ll cost 1600 microsoft points or roughly 20 dollars.





Lighthouse Brewing to Release Belgian White!

From Beer on the Rock comes news of Lighthouse Brewing’s newest release in the Big Flavour Series.  Belgian White, an imperial witbier, which ostensibly, is a companion beer to their previous release, the Belgian Black.

Lighthouse Brewing's Newest Big Flavour Release: Belgian White

From the label:

Belgian White is an Imperial Witbier Belgian White Ale made from wheat, oats and malted barley.  Galaxy and Citra hops lend subtle citrus flavours that are woven with a thread of clove from a classic witbier yeast strain and finished with a dusting of ground coriander seed.

Beer on the Rock notes that the Belgian White will be available in stores in the second week of May. There will also be a cask of it on May 14th at The Beagle pub, to be tapped at 5pm.

Tree Brewing Releases Madcap Belgian White Ale

Kelowna’s Tree Brewing has released their newest brew, Madcap Belgian White Ale.  Details as reported from their website. I am personally looking forward to trying this.

Madcap Belgian White Ale is available in stores now.

Kelowna, B.C.











Our newest brew…a refreshing Belgian White Ale, unfiltered to create a naturally cloudy brew (don’t forget to swirl the bottle before pouring). Tropical fruit flavours with a spicy finish. Available in 6 pack bottles and the Character 12 pack in both British Columbia and Alberta.

At 4.5% alcohol, Madcap is a great beer for those hot summer days!


We Review Lighthouse Switchback (Finally)

If you live on the west coast then you are probably familiar with the India Pale Ale beer style. There are many excellent IPA’s brewed locally such as: Tree Brewery’s Hophead, Central City’s Red Racer IPA, and Driftwood Brewery’s Fat Tug IPA. If you’re on the east coast, comparable brews are: Muskoka Brewery’s Mad Tom IPA and Flying Monkey’s Smash Bomb Atomic IPA.

Last month Lighthouse Brewery from Victoria B.C. took a little break from their limited release series and released Switchback North-Western IPA.

Commercial Description: This hoppy IPA is 80 IBUs and 6.5% alc/vol. Citra, Zythos and Falconer’s Flight hops combine to produce citrus, stone fruit and tropical flavours. The assertive bitterness of these hops is nicely balanced by medium bodied, fresh malt characters. Switchback IPA is a Pacific Northwest style IPA.

     This is not Lighthouse’s first IPA. One of their regular line-up beers is the Beacon IPA which is more of an English style IPA and won a silver medal in the 2004 Canadian Brewing awards. With some great IPAs made locally, there’re only two reasons to release a new version:

  • The brewery is trying to cash in on the popularity of the style
  • The brewer knows their craft and feels they have something to contribute to the conversation that is craft beer

Which will the Switchback be? (We think definitely the latter).


Mission Springs Releases JazzMan Pale Ale

Mission, BC

Announced via their Twitter feed, Mission Springs unveils their newest release, JazzMan Pale Ale.

JazzMan Ale is a copper colour, Jasmine infused pale ale: refreshing, smooth and subtle with a sweeter & fruitier hop.

JazzMan is being released at the Mission Spring’s Brewpub today, Friday, April 13th at 5 p.m. The brewery is set to bottle on Monday with an eye to an imminent release.

Fernie Brewing Co. to Release Lone Wolf IPA

Fernie Brewing Co. has announced they are launching an India Pale Ale for beer geeks.  Lone Wolf boasts 6.5% alcohol by volume, 4 types of hops and will be released in 650ml bottles.

We look forward to entering it into the 8 Bit B.C. IPA Taste-off Tournament.

Fernie B.C.  March 21, 2012

As FBC’s Brewmaster describes, “FBC is introducing a classic North West India Pale Ale. Four select malts in combination with four classic hop varieties and time honoured traditional brewery methods including dry hopping, results in a golden-ale with exceptional flavour and complexity. A true IPA in every sense.” It couldn’t get much better than that.
After being inundated on a regular basis for an IPA by many a beer connoisseur, FBC felt it was about time to step up to the task and join the strong, popular and distinctive IPA market. It’s a popular and ever-growing market that’s for sure, but this hoppy and flavoursome 6.5% IPA is ready to rock and roll its way into the BC and Alberta market over coming weeks. The first brew was bottled this morning and is ready to hop, skip and a jump out the door.

Phillips Analogue 78 Kolsch Now A Regular Release

Phillips brings out Analogue 78 B Side Kölsch as part of their regular round-up.

Kölsch is a specialty brew, originating from Cologne Germany.  Kölsch’s are known for their pale yellow hues and noticeable hop flavour. 

March 21st – It’s an announcement that’s sure to be music to your beers: We are now offering our Analogue 78 Kölsch in 341mL bottled 6 packs!
The beer was originally introduced last fall as a seasonal guest release in our ‘showcase pack’—a mixed 12 pack with 3 regular brands plus the rotating seasonal guest.  However, enthusiasm for this crisp ale was so high that the we couldn’t help but offer its fans the ability to spin this vinyl-record themed brew all year round.

We’re thrilled to announce that you can pick up this brand new 6 track beer pack in craft friendly private liquor stores now.

Driftwood to Release Son Of The Morning

In all it’s metal inspired glory!  This Belgian Strong Golden Ale from Driftwood Brewery, has 10% alcohol by volume is made with corriander,  candi sugar and black magic (pentagram not included).

This will be released first on Vancouver Island, and then make it’s way to the mainland.

Via Facebook

Woe to you, for the brewery sends this beer with great fervour- Son Of the Morning- Belgian Strong Golden Ale, will be unleashed to area Victoria stores on Thursday, March 21st-!

Beer Label or Megadeth Album cover?

We Review Hoyne Pilsner and Big Bock!


Recently, there are so many new breweries opening in BC that it’s becoming hard to keep track of them all. During this week’s beer run to our local store , we found that Hoyne Brewery had released 4 new beers( The Big Bock, Down Easy Pale Ale, Devil’s Dream IPA, Hoyne Pilsner). Hoyne’s is located in Victoria, and their Brew Master, Sean Hoyne, has an impressive resume, including previous experience brewing for Swan’s Hotel & Brewpub and founding Canoe Brewpub. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, our local store was already sold out of the Devil’s Dream IPA. (Note: If you want to prove that you make a good beer, a hoppy IPA is a very popular style in BC which most of the beer connoisseurs will flock to.) So, V1rgilmdm and I were left to pick from the remaining 3 beers. We decided to each pick different styles—V1rgil took The Big Bock and I took the Hoyne Pilsner. Both stood out as uncommon launch beers. 

The first thing we noticed was the commercial descriptions for these brews. They are a little…poetic—and seeing as Brewmaster Sean Hoyne’s background is Literature (M.A. from UVic), this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Craft brewing is the marriage of scientific technique and artistic passion, and this is evident in Hoyne’s approach to brewing.

Click For the Full Review