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Check This Out! May 20, 2012

Here’s what we thought was cool since the last edition:


The Shopping List (aka New Releases):

2012 VCBW Collaboration Ale now available at

Driftwood Brewing Naughty Hildegard

Howe Sound Brewing Fourway Fruit Ale

Vancouver Island Brewing Flying Tanker White IPA

Support This (please)!

Exp Bar is the fusion of gaming culture and drinking (which is kind of what this blog is all about).

They have an Indiegogo campaign here. And on the facebook here.



We’d like to welcome Is That Beer Good to the ranks of beer blogging.

There’s a lot of good beer blogs out there and we need to update our links page.


Vancouver Craft Beer Week: May 18-26, kicks-off tonight (we wish we were there!)

Van Home Brewers Awards Monday May 21st (we will be there!)




Diablo 3 came out this week. See you all in 6 months!





 Avengers vs. X-men (again) looks very epic.




Random & Cool:

 B.C. Zombie Preparedness Week: Are you ready?

Game Of Thrones theme song played on floppy drives.


Singularity!: The Review

So while everyone else posted their reviews last week (YADBB, Left4beer)  we did our review this week.

This years batch of Driftwood Singularity has now come and gone. At least at most shops. Driftwood Singularity is a Kentucky bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout which won a silver medal for Barrel aged Strong Beer in the 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards. Did this beast of a beer live up to the hype from last year? or was that a singularity itself?  

Sealed with black magic for freshness.

Phillips Brings Back a Trainwreck -Barley Wine!

Phillips launches their once-a-yearTrainwreck  Barley Wine, today!


(November 28th 2011—Victoria B.C.)

Trainwreck is once again chugging down icy rails towards your local liquor store just in time for the holidays. Providing a boxcar of big malts and carrying a rich caramel aroma, this ale will run you around the corner on two wheels. At 10% abv, this lightly carbonated monster is best served at cellar temperature.

Trainwreck Barley Wine is due at your local liquor station on November 28th. It’s available for a limited time only so don’t miss the train!

Phillips Releases Old Sarsaparilla ‘Root Beer Style’ Ale

I am looking forwar to this one.

Phillips Sarsaparilla

Back in a time when ‘Draw!’ involved a gun and horse power was taken literally, a weary cowboy might wander into a saloon looking to wet his whistle with something a little different than the regular fare of watered down lagers and fiery whiskeys.  In times like these he was after a bottle of sweet, refreshing Sarsaparilla—a concoction brewed from roots said to contain healing properties.  It was just the thing to put the glint back in his eye as he saddled up to the card table with that fifth ace up his sleeve.

Phillips’ Old Sarsaparilla is a revitalization of this Western classic. Pouring a rich earthy brown and boasting a bold root beer sweetness, this malted ale weighs in at 5% and finishes dry.  At the time of print medicinal properties were still undetermined, but it’s sweet enough to put a smile on the face of the most grizzled cowboy.

Phillips’ Old Sarsaparilla Root Beer Style Ale is set to hit shelves, and even the odd saloon, on November 21st.


**Brewery Creek recently posted that they received Stock on Monday!

Do You Drink Crappy Beer? Top 50 Worst Beers from RateBeer

The top 50 worst beers as rated by beer enthusiats at

If any of these are in your fridge, you may need to go shopping.

Here’s how to find out:


2 New BC Craft Beer Mixer



2 New BC Craft Beer Mixer.

Interesting CNN Article On Sour Beers

Sour Beers are definitely an aquired taste, but I will try any beer at least once.

‘Skunk’ as a deliberate taste seems counter-inuitive to me. 

Click the picture for the link to the CNN article.