Here are some great sites to check out to school yourself:

Beer News:

Canadian Beer News –   Great blog on what’s new and upcoming festivals

Beer Pulse –   American centric, but comprehensive

New Releases:

I encourage you to find your local store online and cyber-stalk them.  Here’s ours:

Brewery Creek – A Cold Beer and Wine Store located on Main St. Vancouver make sure you follow on Facebook for the newest releases.

Firefly –  Another Cold beer and wine store locations in Maple Ridge and Vancouver. check out the blog for recent releases and store events.

Central City – Brewpub located at Central City Shopping centre. also check out the liquor store located beside the brewpub.


Thinking about home brewing?  Check out these sites.

How To Brew –   Definitive and a lot of good (free) information

HopVille –   Why anyone would try to make their own recipe without the Hopville Calculus is beyond me.

Dan’s Home Brewing Supplies – in East Vancouver.

BosaGrape – in a hard to find back alley in Burnaby. Good selection though.

Vanbrewers – Vancouver home brewers group.

Beer Reviews and Blogs:

RateBeer – Giant database and  Beer ratings by people who care enough to rate their beer.  Check out the top 50’s.

Barley Mowat – Always on point with beer sensibility, and some great rants.

The Parting Glass – Adventures in Craft Beer

The Great Canadian Beer Snob -’nuff said.

Left 4 Beer – Quick reviews and interviews

LeapBeer – A beer review a day for a year! Epic!

600 Days to Brewmastery – Follow one man’s experience with the Niagara College Brew master program. Updated damn near daily.

BC Beer Blog –    Check out the ongoing series “So You Want To Open a Brew Pub?” (SYWTOABP) cuz…who doesn’t?

Reasons Mommy Drinks – hilarious and great drink ideas.

Gaming: – Video Games, Cheats, Walkthroughs, Game Trailers, Reviews, News, Previews & Videos

The Escapist – Everything a gamer geek needs to know.

True Achievements – Xbox 360 Achievements Tracking

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