Big Rock Dunkelweizen vs. League Of Legends Feb.27

By v1rgilmdm

 I recently got introduced to League of Legends by a friend.  Now I had heard about it before,  but like most things, I didn’t check it out until it was recommended to me by someone I know.  LOL is from Riot Games and classified as an action real time strategy game.  This means you fight and have to figure out how to best manage limited resources.  I am now level 8 and still just learning.  I only play against A.I. bots.  On a team.   And I still lose.  On easy.  It’s addictive (not the losing) because for a straight forward game, there’s unlimited possibilities.  

Lonely Minotaur

There’s something like 92 different rotating heroes to choose from.  There are all sorts, from angels to steampunk golems to ninja’s to psycho little girls with pet grizzlies.  There are 5 different types of Heroes: tanks, assassins, mages, support and fighters.  You start the game with your hero at level 1, and you got a token amount of in game money.  Throughout the match you level and earn money to buy and sell equipment that lasts for the duration of the match.  You earn both by killing opponent heroes, minions and defence towers.   The maps are straight forward and hide some wild monsters. 

I paired all this with a seasonal offering from Big Rock, their Dunkelweizen.  A Bavarian style dark wheat ale.  And it’s tasty.   Big Rock is based out of Calgary Alberta and have been brewing craft beers since 1985. 


From the website:

Before you even take a sip, feast your eyes on Dunkelweizen’s chestnut brown hue and light, off-white frothy head while your nose is seduced by chocolate and malt. This buxom Bavarian ale offers a great intensity of flavour that fills the mouth with the warmth of chocolate, dark fruits and caramel. Balanced with a clean palate, medium carbonation, European hop and 5% alcohol.

The Dunkelweizen,  pours a nice brunt brown colour with a decent creamy head that dissipates quickly.  The aroma is rich with caramel malts and bit of hop spiciness.  At first sip I notice that it is well carbonated which brings out the sweet malty characteristics.  This brew has a very sweet finish and is almost like a creamy light chocolate soda.

I die. A lot.

Back to the game.   The tutorial is a walk-through of the controls and some basic strategy.  It’s not enough to comprehend the game but it’s enough to begin to understand.  I mostly play Co-op vs. AI (bots) and on easy.  Usually my team wins but I also usually feel like I could have done better.  Mostly the other live players are supportive.  And Spanish.  Sometimes there’s trash talk but then someone reminds them that this is a noob game.  Matches are found quickly, hero selection is on a point buy unlock and/or weekly rotating cycle.  My hero of choice has been Alister.

Alister: Minotaur Badass

 Alister is a tank, pusher, melee fighter.  He can group heal and can deal some serious damage.  Basically he’s perfect for a n00b like me.  And he looks badass.  The objective is to lead team minions that spawn and go wreck the enemies towers and spawns and their minions and heroes. 

The A.I. is quite strategic.  The always run in pairs, and respond to areas where their minions are dying.  And the opposing assassin class bots are just that, assassins.  If you are low on health they will hunt you down and kill you.  And oh yeah, you can recall yourself to the starting point to heal, but it takes 7 seconds.  When you do die, there is a waiting period before you get to re-spawn.

Which gives me a chance to realize a few things, as the Dunkelweizen warms up a bit and releases some more flavours.  The Dunkelweizen has some fairly strong chocolates tones and a slight nuttiness which compliments the sweetness.

The wait after dying  increases as you level your hero.  My biggest issue with this game 9aside from it’s addictiveness) is how bloody long it takes wo get across the map.  Fortunately there are teleport spells and speed boots but if you don’t have those, well there’s time  to drink and review beer.  My only problem is I was finished my beer 20 minutes in and the match lasted 43 minutes.

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