Happy Holidays -Retro Review Santa Beer Ads Dec. 20 2011

We scour the internet for for fun adn odd old timey ads, so you don’t have to.

This posts theme is Christmas.  it’s disturbing how many beer companies use a childhood figure to sell adult beverages. 

White Rock Ginger Ale in the 1930’s

V1rgil: I love the added Whiskey bottle.  This is Santa in Boss  mode.  He’s making the drudgery of mail and naughty/nice reports bare-able with booze.  Some information about White Rock Beverages: An American beverage company located in Whitestone, NY. The company was established in 1871 by pharmacist H.M. Colver in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Potawatomi Indians and settlers believed that the nearby White Rock natural spring had special medicinal powers, so White Rock Beverages started out as destination for vacationers and health seekers. By 1876, the company was bottling and distributing the natural spring water throughout the country Coca-Cola is frequently credited with the “invention” of the modern image of Santa Claus as an old man in red-and-white garments, however, White Rock predated Coca-Cola’s usage of Santa in advertisements for soft drinks. In 1923, the company used Santa to advertise its ginger ale after first using him to sell mineral water in 1915.

Fiddler: – Santa’s been drinking whiskey with a beer chaser and looks like a lot of letters that haven’t been opened were “filed” in the trash can.

This 1929 ad from a Quebec magazine shows Santa Claus joining Mom and Dad for a nice cold glass of Molson beer, as their little girl looks on.
V1rgil:  I think it’s the blank and while colors, but this is a bad-ass looking Santa.  With his beard and dark suit, I could just as easily see him in a Harley-Davidson ad  This ad for Molson again understates the placement, but emphasis the family enjoying beer.  Well the adults anyway.   This ad tries to make itself memorable with une petite blague, meant to make us chuckle and endear the product and Santa both.  I still say there needs to be a Harley under the tree. 

1948 Budweiser Beer Santa's Christmas Feast Print Ad

V1rgil: That isn’t Santa, that’s the Swedish Chef  from the Muppets.  I’m waiting for the pig, the lobster and the goose to get up and start singing and dancing.
Fiddler: What’s up  with the goose everything else has been cleaned and cooked the goose looks like its neck has just been snapped.
Nippon Beer poster circa 1930.

Fiddler: Santa is getting drunk tonight.

V1rgil: Delivering presents to 8 billion people is thirsty work!

V1rgil: This is one of the fattest Santa’s I’ve seen. Don’t do it Santa! Put the Bud down!

From the Miller Website Archives. Date Unknown. Est. 1920-1930

V1rgil: I like the style of this label, especially the typeset.  There’s definitely some proportionality issues though.  Mom’s carrying a tray, presumably the beer, but the glasses are mini.  Or she’s a giant.  Not sure what’s up with the chick on the moon in the window.  

You're not fully drunk till your Boswell's zest fully drunk.


2 responses to “Happy Holidays -Retro Review Santa Beer Ads Dec. 20 2011

  1. The lady on the moon is the Miller High Life girl.

  2. Wierdest ornament ever. -v1rgil

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