Lighthouse Big Flavour Series – Oct 14 – 11

By fiddlers elbow

This week I managed to find the 5th beer from Lighthouse  Big Flavour Series Uncharted Belgian IPA.  But before I get to the beer let’s take a look at what Lighthouse Brewery is about and a few other beers from this series.

Lighthouse Brewery founded in 1998 started small, filling kegs only and mostly distributing to local  pubs around Vitoria B.C. Around 2004 they upgraded to 355mL cans and have since grown to include standard bottles and limited release beers.

The Big Flavour series is a limited run of beers,  made in small batches and released in 650mL bottles. This series is aimed more at the beer enthusiast, and has already included styles such as a Triple IPA, Doppelbock, and a Saison. All of the limited release bottles have painted on labels each one featuring a different local artist.

The most recent being Uncharted, a Belgian IPA coming in at 7.5% ABV, which I picked up at Central City Liquor.  The bottle features a bright bold  picture of a red and yellow dragon as the label art by Michelle Landry.  Pours a nice golden colour with a thick white head which leaves a nice lacing around the inside of the glass. The aroma is noticeable right away, with grapefruit from the hops and cotton candy smell from the yeast. The overall flavour is actually a little light in the body but has nice piney notes from the hops and a light dried fruit from the yeast. The only disappointment with this beer is  that it is not every hoppy.  Having lived on the West Coast for more than a few years having a non hoppy IPA just doesn’t seem right.


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