We Review Whistler Brewing Valley Trail Chestnut Ale Oct.24 2011

While picking up the last bottle of Tree Pumpkin ale from our local BC Liquor Store I was pleasantly surprised to find a fall seasonal non-pumpkin beer. Whistler Brewing Valley Trail Chestnut Ale comes in a 650ml Bottle and 5% alc. “We’ve blended robust caramel and crystal malts to give the brew deep brown amber hues, for an almost warming appearance. But it’s the roasted chestnuts that impart a unique and bold nutty character, complemented by a light level of hops, for a clean but crisp finish.”

Whistler Brewing Valley Trail Chestnut Ale

We shared a bottle between the two off us, here is what we thought:


After pouring the bottle first thing I noticed was the aroma of strong vanilla with sweet caramel malts and a hint of nuttiness. The appearance is great medium brown / copper colour with a big foamy off-white head which leaves a ring of lacing around the glass. What was your first impression V1rgil?


Thank you fiddler for providing the beer.  The first thing I noticed was the rich, almost syrupy copper-brown colour.  The brew had very good head retention.  The most noticeable aroma is vanilla which persisted throughout the tasting and the sweet caramel-nuttiness with a  hint of cocoa.  What were your thoughts once you had the first sip?


My  first sip was full of big bold flavours similar to the aroma vanilla and caramel was very much present.  Honestly I’m not sure what a chestnut tastes like but this beer had a nice nuttiness which goes good with the sweetness of the beer.


For sure the sweet malty and nut flavors were there in the first sip and I found it actually tingled on my tongue.  I found the finish to be very toffee-like with dry finish ending on the bitterness of the nuts.  Like eating many walnuts will dry out your mouth and leave a bitter aftertaste.  I found that one bottle shared was the perfect amount.  This is definitely not a beer you can chug, it’s just too rich in flavor.


Definitely I found the beer to be dominated by the rich sweetness which would make it hard to drink more than  a bottle even just sharing a 650ml bottle was enough. I feel that possible a strong alcohol presence might have made this beer more enjoyable for me. Overall the Whistler Chestnut ale was an interesting idea and I would say this beer would be a good beer to warm you up on a cold fall day or go well after dinner as dessert


The Chestnut Ale is certainly unique from the other seasonal that are out and I agree this would be a great high gravity beer.  I look forward to trying the next seasonal Whistler comes out with.

 This brew would pair well with: chess, checkers, scrabble or any other 2 person table top game.

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