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Minotaur With A Big Rock!

By v1rgilmdm

 I recently got introduced to League of Legends by a friend.  Now I had heard about it before,  but like most things, I didn’t check it out until it was recommended to me by someone I know.  LOL is from Riot Games and classified as an action real time strategy game.  This means you fight and have to figure out how to best manage limited resources.  I am now level 8 and still just learning.  I only play against A.I. bots.  On a team.   And I still lose.  On easy.  It’s addictive (not the losing) because for a straight forward game, there’s unlimited possibilities.  

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I paired all this with a seasonal offering from Big Rock, their Dunkelweizen.  A Bavarian style dark wheat ale.  And it’s tasty.   Big Rock is based out of Calgary Alberta and have been brewing craft beers since 1985. 

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