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Hoyne vs. Lighthouse Porter Super Punch-out!

This week, for a change of pace—and to have a little fun—we decided to try something a little different.

The Battle of the Porters.

Recently, two local breweries, Lighthouse and Hoyne, released porters. We thought we’d have some fun and review them Super Punch-out style. Before we get started, let’s recap what constitutes a porter.

Originally, a porter was a darker version of the brown ale created in London, England around the 18th century. A porter is characterized by medium to heavy hop additions and chocolate malts which give it the darker colour and a sweeter taste. Now, having said that, you might ask: how is a porter different then a stout? Among beer enthusiasts, this is a heated topic with many interesting ideas—one of which is that the stout started as a stronger version of a porter. However, with brewers experimenting now-a-days, there doesn’t seem to be a real difference between the two styles anymore.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s meet the challengers:

Lighthouse Chocolate Porter

Hoyne Dark Matter






We can’t wait to see how this fight goes down!


Hoyne To Release a New Beer (Already?)

New Victoria brewery Hoyne announces a new beer.  And elsewhere brewer Sean Hoyne announced that they will be releasing 3 more brews by the end of Summer 2012.

Dubbed “Dark Matter” it’s a non conformist:

Victoria BC

Dark Matter: Deep, Deceptively Dark, Delicious! 

“Is it a Stout? Is it a Brown? Is it a Porter?
Dark Matter is elusive, soft on the tongue with hints of subtle roasted chocolate.
Sometimes you need to go somewhere Dark in order to see.”

Drop by the Brewery this Thursday or Friday from 3 – 6pm or Saturday from 12 – 6pm to be one of the first to try our newest beer before it hits liquor stores. Don’t forget to bring your hungry growlers and we’ll fill them full of this delicious beer (for $10).

This brew is set to hit select private liquor store shelves around Victoria and Vancouver on Tuesday March 20th (if you can wait that long).