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Hoyne vs. Lighthouse Porter Super Punch-out!

This week, for a change of pace—and to have a little fun—we decided to try something a little different.

The Battle of the Porters.

Recently, two local breweries, Lighthouse and Hoyne, released porters. We thought we’d have some fun and review them Super Punch-out style. Before we get started, let’s recap what constitutes a porter.

Originally, a porter was a darker version of the brown ale created in London, England around the 18th century. A porter is characterized by medium to heavy hop additions and chocolate malts which give it the darker colour and a sweeter taste. Now, having said that, you might ask: how is a porter different then a stout? Among beer enthusiasts, this is a heated topic with many interesting ideas—one of which is that the stout started as a stronger version of a porter. However, with brewers experimenting now-a-days, there doesn’t seem to be a real difference between the two styles anymore.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s meet the challengers:

Lighthouse Chocolate Porter

Hoyne Dark Matter






We can’t wait to see how this fight goes down!


Lighthouse Brewing to Release Belgian White!

From Beer on the Rock comes news of Lighthouse Brewing’s newest release in the Big Flavour Series.  Belgian White, an imperial witbier, which ostensibly, is a companion beer to their previous release, the Belgian Black.

Lighthouse Brewing's Newest Big Flavour Release: Belgian White

From the label:

Belgian White is an Imperial Witbier Belgian White Ale made from wheat, oats and malted barley.  Galaxy and Citra hops lend subtle citrus flavours that are woven with a thread of clove from a classic witbier yeast strain and finished with a dusting of ground coriander seed.

Beer on the Rock notes that the Belgian White will be available in stores in the second week of May. There will also be a cask of it on May 14th at The Beagle pub, to be tapped at 5pm.

We Review Lighthouse Switchback (Finally)

If you live on the west coast then you are probably familiar with the India Pale Ale beer style. There are many excellent IPA’s brewed locally such as: Tree Brewery’s Hophead, Central City’s Red Racer IPA, and Driftwood Brewery’s Fat Tug IPA. If you’re on the east coast, comparable brews are: Muskoka Brewery’s Mad Tom IPA and Flying Monkey’s Smash Bomb Atomic IPA.

Last month Lighthouse Brewery from Victoria B.C. took a little break from their limited release series and released Switchback North-Western IPA.

Commercial Description: This hoppy IPA is 80 IBUs and 6.5% alc/vol. Citra, Zythos and Falconer’s Flight hops combine to produce citrus, stone fruit and tropical flavours. The assertive bitterness of these hops is nicely balanced by medium bodied, fresh malt characters. Switchback IPA is a Pacific Northwest style IPA.

     This is not Lighthouse’s first IPA. One of their regular line-up beers is the Beacon IPA which is more of an English style IPA and won a silver medal in the 2004 Canadian Brewing awards. With some great IPAs made locally, there’re only two reasons to release a new version:

  • The brewery is trying to cash in on the popularity of the style
  • The brewer knows their craft and feels they have something to contribute to the conversation that is craft beer

Which will the Switchback be? (We think definitely the latter).


New Beer from Lighthouse?

This tidbit was just added to RateBeer, possibly be the brewery themselves.  I guess we will find out next week if it’s legit.

Lighthouse Brewing Dark Chocolate Porter

Lighthouse Brewing’s Dark Chocolate Porter is a dark, robust porter flavoured with cocoa nibs sourced from “beyond fair trade” farms in Ghana, West Africa. The raw nibs go through a fermentation process and are then carefully roasted to create a rich and intense chocolate flavour.

New Beer from Lighthouse?


Lighthouse Brewing Belgian Black Released Today!

Lighthouse’s newest addition to their Big Flavour Series, a 9% ABV dark ale called Belgian Black.    The brew will be available in 650ml bottles in select liquor stores for a limited time only.  While supplies last.  Act now.

Per the press release:

Big Flavour Series Belgian Black

Belgian Black was fermented with a Belgian Ardennes yeast strain. Enjoy the rich malty features of plum and dark cherries backed with subtle spicy notes.