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Phillips Analogue 78 Kolsch Now A Regular Release

Phillips brings out Analogue 78 B Side Kölsch as part of their regular round-up.

Kölsch is a specialty brew, originating from Cologne Germany.  Kölsch’s are known for their pale yellow hues and noticeable hop flavour. 

March 21st – It’s an announcement that’s sure to be music to your beers: We are now offering our Analogue 78 Kölsch in 341mL bottled 6 packs!
The beer was originally introduced last fall as a seasonal guest release in our ‘showcase pack’—a mixed 12 pack with 3 regular brands plus the rotating seasonal guest.  However, enthusiasm for this crisp ale was so high that the we couldn’t help but offer its fans the ability to spin this vinyl-record themed brew all year round.

We’re thrilled to announce that you can pick up this brand new 6 track beer pack in craft friendly private liquor stores now.

Phillips Double Barrell Scotch Ale is Back!

Looks like we should have waited a week on the 8 Bit Beer tasting.

Announced today via the newsletter:

It's Back!

Victoria B.C., March 19th 2012: Our Double Barrel Scotch Ale is up from the cellar and ready to hit the shelves.   A seasonal favourite, this hand-crafted scotch ale was aged in fresh Tennessee whisky barrels and then allowed to mature in cabernet sauvignon oak barrels from the sunny Okanagan Valley. 

The result is a sophisticated beer that’s not too serious to have a little fun–your senses get smacked with great bourbon aroma complimented by a slightly smoky peat flavour, with smooth rich vanilla tones warming their way underneath.  It’s the perfect addition to your beer collection whether wear a monacle or a pair of Raybans.  
The Double Barrel Scotch Ale is available for a limited time at finer craft-focused private liquor stores. Enjoy in a snifter at cellar temperatures.

Phillips Brings Back Double Dragon

Who doesn’t like Double Dragon?

The original game, not the horrible Scott Wolf vehicle that I have not, nor will I ever watch.  Ever.

From the Phillips release:

February 13, 2012

Victoria, BC

Bow to your Sensei because the Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale is back for another round! Fierce hop flavours battle an honorable malt base for the affection of your taste buds in an annual showdown where flavour always wins.  Ultimately this majestic beer, brewed fiery copper red, is big enough to slay even the strongest thirst.
If you’re looking to dance with the Double Dragon this illusive ale is available at private liquor stores for a limited time only.


Phillips Drops A Hammer

Phillips Brewing released two versions of their Imperial Stout: regular and bourbon barrel aged.

From Phillipsbeer.com

(January 30th, 2012—Victoria B.C.)
Attention beer-drinking Comrades:  The Ministry of Beer Quaffability has decreed that the Hammer Imperial Stout will once again be smashing its way back into your local liquor store!
The Party is releasing two variants of the Hammer—the traditional recipe, full of bold roasted flavours and creamy textures, and a bourbon barrel-aged version, somewhat mellower and highlighted with smooth oak and lingering smoke flavours.
Citizens are recommended to grab their Hammer quickly before rations are exhausted.  The Party also notes that should the unthinkable occur, this beer will cellar well in fall-out shelters.
Both varieties of the Hammer Imperial Stout are available at finer private liquor stores.