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Phillips Brings Back Double Dragon

Who doesn’t like Double Dragon?

The original game, not the horrible Scott Wolf vehicle that I have not, nor will I ever watch.  Ever.

From the Phillips release:

February 13, 2012

Victoria, BC

Bow to your Sensei because the Double Dragon Imperial Red Ale is back for another round! Fierce hop flavours battle an honorable malt base for the affection of your taste buds in an annual showdown where flavour always wins.  Ultimately this majestic beer, brewed fiery copper red, is big enough to slay even the strongest thirst.
If you’re looking to dance with the Double Dragon this illusive ale is available at private liquor stores for a limited time only.


Phillips Announces New Mass Extinction Barley Wine

Phillip’s Brewing has announced a new Barley wine dubbed Mass Extinction.

Mass Extinction Ice Barley wine is Phillip’s third Barley wine release, joining Deadhead, Grand Barley Wine and Trainwreck.

(January 16th, 2012—Victoria B.C.)
Phillips is kicking off the New Year by revealing a special 341mL brew that has archaealcohologists salivating over their topographical maps.
It’s called Mass Extinction Ice Barley Wine and just like the dinosaurs this beer was ice-aged at glacial temperatures.  It was frozen 3 times during the Fermentaceous Period causing the remaining liquid to distill into naturally-sweetened nectar, and driving the ABV up to a mammoth 12%.  Enjoy responsibly.
Phillips’ Mass Extinction Ice Barley Wine is available for a limited time in select private retail outlets on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

Phillips Brings Back a Trainwreck -Barley Wine!

Phillips launches their once-a-yearTrainwreck  Barley Wine, today!


(November 28th 2011—Victoria B.C.)

Trainwreck is once again chugging down icy rails towards your local liquor store just in time for the holidays. Providing a boxcar of big malts and carrying a rich caramel aroma, this ale will run you around the corner on two wheels. At 10% abv, this lightly carbonated monster is best served at cellar temperature.

Trainwreck Barley Wine is due at your local liquor station on November 28th. It’s available for a limited time only so don’t miss the train!